Cambridge Rules

11am / 3pm on Saturday 8th July and Sunday 9th July

Parker’s Piece – on the corner of Gondville Street and Parkside Road

Your chance to meet the artists Alan Ward and Neville Gabie and to hear their plans for a sculpture and web-based project celebrating Cambridge’s history in helping create football in the modern era.

In 1848 a group of students pinned the first written set of agreed rules for playing football on trees in Parker’s Piece. These 1848 Cambridge Rules are now considered to the first written rules for football in the modern era.

Football has not only had an impact within our shores, but is loved worldwide and enjoyed by countless millions. To celebrate how the sport has brought people together from very different social, cultural and physical landscapes, Alan and Neville are working very closely with the Cambridge based charity Street Child United in making this a ‘global artwork’. Come and hear more about Street Child United and their ambitious plans for young people. 

This is your opportunity to be photographed wearing your favourite football shirt and to tell us about your own personal experience as a player or fan. Be part of the commission for the World to see where the first written rules of Football came from!

Cambridge Rules 1848 has been commissioned by Cambridge City Council.