Fun Lab

The Fun Lab will include:

Sedgwick Museum - What will geologists of the future find preserved in rocks being formed today? Have a go at predicting what future fossils might look like by making your own from plaster.

Polar Museum - Fur real! - How to stay warm in extreme environments. Find out how polar bears survive in the cold, how whales survive the icy oceans and find out if you can survive the ice challenge?

Botanic Gardens - Discover why bees are our stripy superheroes and why so many of our plants depend on them. Make a beautiful paper flower and your very own finger bee to take home.

Royal Society of Chemistry - Write your very own secret message using turmeric and baking soda, find out which animals can get sunburnt using UV sensitive beads and test your sense of smell with our herb and spice themed ‘Guess the Smell activity’!

Mundipharma, Napp and Bard - Make your very own (in)famous brain hat to wear with pride. Learn why you see stars if you hit the back of your head and explore whether there really is a difference between the left and right halves of your brain.

Cancer Research - Discover if you are a supertaster, take a #cellfie with our smartphone microscope and explore what you are made of with our cell balloons!

Department of Medical Genetics - Explore the wonderful world of cells, their shapes, sizes, where they are found in our bodies and the jobs they do. Design and draw your own cells and see how they compare to the real thing.
Gurdon Institute - Join us to make your own simple microscope using your mobile phone to magnify and view the micro-world. Meet the scientists to discuss their latest research and how microscopy is pushing the boundaries of what can be observed in biology.
British Science Association - See how soapy bubbles cause colourful interference patterns and how air bubbles in a soda bottle help raisins rise to the surface. Younger participants will be able to make elephant trunks with straw and paper to take away.
Wellcome Genome Campus - Explore what we can find out about ourselves from our DNA with scientists from the Wellcome Genome Campus. Get hands on with our microscopes and see which smells and tastes your genes enable you to detect.

The Fun Lab will be open between 12-6pm during Saturday.