Main Stage - Big Weekend

Photo: John Scott

Main Stage - Friday

6pm - Heart/J Royale

6.40pm- Hustle

8pm- Wham Duran

9pm - ABC


Main Stage - Saturday


2pm - Maverick (U18 Band Comp winner)

3pm - Flint Moore (O18 Band Comp Winner)

4pm- Mentes Maskent

5pm - Heidi Joubert & Band

6pm - Botown

7pm- Maroon Town

8pm- Aswad

9pm- T Rex with Paul Fenton


Main Stage - Sunday

12:45pm - Timeline Songs

1.30pm - Hummingbirds

2.15pm - Sing! Cambridge

3pm - Django's Tiger

4pm - Cath Coobs & the Awesome Soul Collective

5pm -  Mela

7pm - DJ Royale