Natyanjali Dance School

I am Divya Ramkumar and I am the Artistic Director and the dance Instructor of Natyanjali Dance School, focussing on training people of all ages and levels in the South Indian Art form of Bharatanatyam. I am also a member of Samarpana Classical Arts, based in Cambridge which is a professional group of passionate Bharatanatyam dancers and we give performances throughout UK. Apart from being traditional we experiment with local and contemporary music and incorporate the classical technique in them, thereby making it enjoyable for all minds of audience.

Natyanjali Dance School was officially started in 2009 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Having done performances on more than 100 stages in India and abroad, I was fortunate to represent India at the Singapore National Day in 2004. I have managed to carry on my passion and share my knowledge by performing and teaching Bharatanatyam for the past 10 years in Singapore, Malaysia, the Middle East, Aberdeen and now in Cambridge.