All The Young Dudes

Saturday 2 September 2017
Cambridge Guildhall - CB2 3QJ
An exhibition in The Guildhall celebrating icons of Rock and Pop.

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Sculpture, painting, photography and light.
The exhibition features pieces celebrating the likes of David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Bob Dylan, Syd Barrett, The Beatles, Motorhead, Amy Winehouse, Lemmy and many more.
Cambridge Live has teamed up with Spadge Hopkins, one of the artists responsible for Cambridge’s official Syd Barrett commemorative artwork, to present the exhibition which will
also showcase some of the finest artists from the region. 
FREE ENTRY. Some items on display will also be available to purchase.
Artists set to exhibit
Spadge Hopkins
Terry Pastor
Ania Hobson
Richard Pierce
Jason Nunn
Jack Browning
Allan Williams
Holly Hughes
Jo Penfold
Jo Last
Darren Douglas
Danny Ackerley
Laura Burleigh
Artist Bios
Allan Williams
“A speciality of mine is creating portraits of famous people in the style of other artists or artistic styles - from Renaissance to Pop Art.  One of my first pieces was Justin Hawkins, lead singer of The Darkness, as a Renaissance dandy based on a self portrait by Albrecht Durer.
As a tribute to David Bowie, I painted him in the style of Picasso.  I combined three images of Bowie, representing different personas and incorporating other elements of his music and changing image.  I chose Picasso because, like Bowie, he was constantly reinventing himself .  In Changes, I have juxtaposed a number of half face portraits of David Bowie from different stages of his life in a long panoramic painting.
Purple Haze, Purple Rain is a double portrait of Jimmy Hendrix and Prince.  The painting is based on Salvador Dali's painting The Persistence of Memory.  In my painting, I have replaced Dali's melting timepiece with Prince's iconic guitar.”
Jason Nunn
FBA Futures 2015. He also took part in the last two ‘From the Studio Floor’ exhibitions in Ipswich in 2015 and at The Guildhall, Cambridge last year.  
Terry Pastor
Terry Pastor is best known for his iconic album artwork for David Bowie’s Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust. Other album credits include the Beach Boys, Alex Harvey, The Sweet, Carl Palmer and Soft Machine.
As an award winning artist he has had exhibitions in London, New York, Munich and Amsterdam. His paintings feature in the private collections of Roman Polanski, Roman Ford Coppola and Status Quo. Terry supports one of Quo’s charities; The Princes Trust and his work is included in their book: Status Quo – Pictures; 40 Years of Hits.
Recently his practice has moved from airbrush work to digital.
Jack Browning
Jack Browning 19 year old guitarist and artist working in Essex. His deep interest in music has informed this body of work that explores rock icons through the emotive use of colour and form. He strives to convey the energy and personality of his subjects and his artistic research has been inspired by the religious iconography of the Renaissance and an awareness of mental health issues. Another direction he has taken recently using a similar style has led to works that juxtapose nature with man-made urban sprawl.
All of his work is available for viewing at
Joanna Penfold
I attended the Central School of Art and Design. For many years my artistic ambitions were put on hold whilst raising my family. I began painting again in earnest, 4 years ago. A move to Suffolk proved a great source of inspiration, painting local landscapes and seascapes. I held my first exhibition within the first year, and buoyed on by this success, went on to exhibit throughout the county. My first love has always been portrait painting. I completed my first portrait for some years, quite recently. I had such a positive response, I decided to carry on, and the result is a new body of work. I have taken the theme of iconic personalities, and have tried to convey feeling and something more than a photographic copy. I focus on eyes, the eyes really tell a story, and i have tried to convey this in my paintings. I also like to work on a large scale, really focusing on the features, most of the paintings are 100c x 100cm in size. I have completed 7 paintings in the 'Iconic', collection, so far, but am buzzing with ideas for lots more to add.
Spadge Hopkins
Recently Spadge Hopkins, a Suffolk based artist and engineer gained a successful co- commission, from the Cambridge Trust for a piece at The Cambridge Corn Exchange called "Coda" to commemorate Syd Barrett who played his last solo gig at the popular arts venue. Being the lead creative on this project led to the further series of Syd Barrett inspired pieces attempting variously to reflect his time, his music and his playful sense of fun and English sensibilities. Two pieces feature in this ATYD exhibition: a sculpture in copper pipe and a stainless steel laser-cut that revolves within a bicycle wheel and throws a shadow of the artist's drawing of Syd's face lit by a Mike Leonard inspired oil slide lamp.
This work has in turn led to other works inspired by rock icons such as Hendrix, Bowie, Jagger, Dylan, John Bonham and The Beatles.
Previously exhibited work includes a series of aesthetically pleasing but dysfunctional machines that have been shown in Ipswich, Cambridge and Framlingham.
Laura Burleigh
Best known for her portraits, Laura is inspired by how iconic artists create a unique persona. Her focus is to present many famous aspects of a single character, together, in one image. To reference a specific personality, Laura portrays a character by using unique facial expressions, subtle symbols, type, and relatable objects within their portrait. The use of translucent ink, watercolours, and quick-paced brush-strokes, help to present a snippet of her subject’s journey through time.
Translucent imagery and sepia tones are common characteristics of Laura’s work. Much like a nostalgic or memorable photograph, she uses these qualities to embed the feel of a momentary, telling impression, that the character leaves on the viewer. 
Jo Last
Jo Last is a self-taught pencil artist from Suffolk. She has loved drawing for as long as she can remember. Working for some years in a tattoo studio she drew many designs for customers. In 2013 she fell in love with portrait drawing. Many of her works take over 100 hours to complete and she focuses on realism.
Favourite inspirations include Hans Holbein the younger as well as more contemporary influences such as HR Giger and Alex Grey
Ania Hobson
Ania is a Suffolk-based artist whose self-portrait 'Ania' is currently being exhibited at the 2017 BP Portrait Awards in London. She has also exhibited a self-portrait at the Royal Society Of Portrait Painters Annual exhibition 2016, and with the Society of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries in London, 2015. She has previously achieved first round with the Royal Society of Wildlife Painters and the Threadneedle prize. She has had numerous shows, joint and solo, and is presently working towards a major solo portraiture show in London. Ania's paintings hang in Italy, Holland, Germany, Canada and the USA and she has paintings on permanent display at the Gallery at Snape Maltings, Suffolk 
Ania has a degree in fine art, has studied at the Princes Drawing School in London, as well as Portraiture at the Florence Academy of Art, Italy.
Running time:

12noon - 6pm