BANFF Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Wednesday 1 March 2017
Cambridge Corn Exchange - CB2 3QE
Experience an extraordinary collection of short films from the world's most prestigious mountain film festival

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There will be 2 shows in 2017 with different films shown on each night!

Follow the expeditions of some of today's most incredible adventurers, see amazing footage of adrenaline packed action sports and be inspired by thought-provoking pieces shot from the far flung corners of the globe.

This year there are two evenings that will ignite your passion for adventure, action and travel. For double the adventure come along both nights for two entirely different film programmes.
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Age Guidance: 12A (TBC)


Dog Power
Get a rare view into the world of dog-powered sports and the special bond that forms between dogs and their humans as they live, work and play together.
Wannabe musher Kale Casey buys an eight-week-old Siberian Husky puppy called Misty, determined to become a world champion canicross and skijor racer. It soon becomes clear that Misty has other ideas… but by this stage Kale is fascinated by the diverse group of dogs and humans who train, play and race together in the ultimate manifestation of the human/animal bond.
You will never look at your household pooch the same way again!
Duration: 25 minutes
Filmmakers: Kale Casey, Jordan Schevene

As longtime professional climbers who eat, sleep and live the sport, Cedar Wright and Matt Segal are used to being competent, comfortable and at the top of their game. When they take up paragliding, however, things are different.  
Tree landings and sketchy moments as bumbling, gung-ho beginners become the new normal. With only six months of flying under their belts, the pair embark on an audacious objective: to climb and fly off Orizaba, the highest peak in Mexico. What ensues is a lesson in jumping into the deep end… and being forced to swim.
Duration: 26 minutes
Filmmakers: Cedar Wright

Four Mums In A Boat
When four middle-aged working British mums announced they wanted to row the Atlantic Ocean, their families thought they had lost their minds. At times, the Four Mums certainly agreed…
This is the inspirational tale of how four women from Yorkshire became the oldest all-female crew to row across any ocean, despite meeting a hurricane and losing power, water and their steering along the way…
Duration: 30 minutes
Filmmakers: Simon Tucker

Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out
Want to see what pro trials cyclist Danny MacAskill does on his day off? Explore the rural landscape around Edinburgh in a film that sets out to capture the simple fun of a ride in the country with moments of incredible riding and a touch of humour.
Duration: 6 minutes
Filmmakers: Stu Thomson

Max Your Days
Summer solstice on Canada’s West Coast – the possibilities are endless! Max Your Days reminds us to squeeze adventure into every last minute of the day.
Duration: 4 minutes
Filmmakers: Malcolm Sangster

Banff Award – Best Film: Mountain Sports
High above the Gorges du Verdon in France, a skillful blend of artists and high-level balancing athletes play a high energy symphony devoted to risk. The musicians, little accustomed to such hair-raising exposure, dive head-first into extreme situations, and the result is a hymn that melds visual performance and contemplative poetry into pure entertainment.
Duration: 5 minutes
Filmmaker: Vladimir Cellier

Young Guns
Banff Award – People’s Choice Award for Radical Reels
Meet the new faces of climbing: 15-year-old Ashima Shiraishi and 16-year-old Kai Lightner.
First up, the impressive pair tackle one of the largest caves in Europe, Hanshelleren in Norway, a sprawling granite cathedral with 260 feet of overhanging climbing capped by a 160-foot headwall.
Ashima then travels to Japan, to attempt a massive granite boulder via a fierce 30-move boulder problem called Horizons. If she succeeds she will become the first woman, and youngest person, to climb the cutting-edge grade of V15...
Pushed out of their comfort zones, Kai and Ashima learn some hard but important lessons that will carry them to even greater heights.
Duration: 27 minutes
Filmmakers: Sender Films

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