Lisa Hannigan

17.40-18.40, Stage 1 • Friday

Hannigan first came to light as a somewhat mysterious figure singing harmonies alongside Damien Rice. She contributed significantly to Rice’s platinum-selling debut O and critically lauded follow up 9. They played together for seven years, but it wasn't until the release of her solo debut ‘Sea Sew’ that the full spectrum of her abilities became apparent. Lisa has since been stretching her musical expertise in many directions: collaborating with artists as diverse as Ray LaMontagne, Richard Hawley, Herbie Hancock and Glen Hansard.

She made an acting debut as a mermaid in the Oscar-nominated animation ‘Song of the Sea’, and her haunting voice featured on soundtracks for the TV series ‘Fargo’ and the Oscar-winning score for ‘Gravity’, all the while founding and co-hosting the acclaimed ‘Soundings’ podcast (which saw Lisa turn interviewer, and speak to guests such as Harry Shearer, Sharon Horgan and David Arnold).

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