She Drew The Gun

16.15-17.00, Stage 2 • Friday

Meet a frontwoman who can sing like Patsy Cline, whose songs crackle with the drama and fire of Cat Power and Radiohead, but whose grit is like that of her many female heroes, like PJ Harvey and Patti Smith. Then there’s her working-class background, which informs her songs’ persuasive politics, and her fascinating life story, which gives them such heart and soul. Only three years ago, Louisa Roach started playing with the musicians who now stand together as She Drew The Gun. After several BBC6 Music sessions, and winning Glastonbury's Emerging Talent contest hands-down, their latest album ‘ Memories Of Another Future’ arrives this spring, an extended version of their fabulous debut album confirming She Drew The Gun as one of Liverpool's most exciting new bands.

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