22.45-23.35, Stage 1 • Saturday

Skerryvore entered 2017 recognised once again as the Live Act of the Year 2016 at the Scottish Traditional Music Awards.  Originally formed on the tiny lsle of Tiree off Scotland’s west coast in 2005, the band consisted of Tiree-born brothers Daniel Gillespie (accordion) and Martin Gillespie (bagpipes, whistles & accordion) who bonded with holidaymaker Fraser West (drums & vocals) and friend Alec Dalglish (lead vocals & guitar) over a shared love of music: everything from traditional to rock and jazz.

It was this mix of musical styles and sounds that set the path for the band’s 2005 debut album, ‘West Coast Life.’ The more the fledgling band experimented with fusing together this mix of musical styles, the more their signature sound evolved. The release of self-titled third album, ‘Skerryvore’, and subsequent two albums catapulted them into the musical limelight where they have remained ever since.

'The sound of Young Scots Power Folk.'Mark Radcliff, BBC Radio 2


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