The Furrow Collective

18.40-19.30, Stage 2 • Thursday

Alasdair Roberts, Emily Portman, Lucy Farrell and Rachel Newton are four fine soloists sharing a mutual love of traditional songs, from both sides of the English and Scottish borders, with playful, boundary-defying musicianship.  Since their critically acclaimed debut 'At Our Next Meeting', The Furrow Collective has been in demand as a touring band, gigging throughout Europe and performing BBC live sessions. Hot on the heels of two BBC Folk Award nominations, they released their new album ‘Wild Hog’ on Hudson Records on 4th November 2016 to huge critical acclaim. Each band member leads a song, moving with ease from jaunty stories of ailing horses, to poignant laments and sparsely adorned supernatural ballads.

‘A bravely sparse and compelling new take on traditional songs... A quietly classy young folk band.’The Guardian

‘The Furrow Collective have an air of immeasurable antiquity, while at the same time making the songs vibrantly new’.R2

'A mouth-watering collaboration' **** 4 Stars Mojo

Guest Curator John Boden on The Furrow Collective

It’s incredibly exciting when a bunch of musicians who you admire individually, announce they are forming a group. The four members of the Furrow Collective are all at the top of their game and indeed they all lead busy, successful solo careers. The sound they make together is so refreshing because it has a sense of effortless style and authenticity. Listening to them reminds me a bit of listening obsessively to Planxty as a teenager - brilliant, inventive, fresh but also with a sense of timelessness that chimes beautifully with the antiquity of the material.

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