Nikhil D'Souza

17.20-18.05, Club Tent • Thursday

Nikhil D’Souza grew-up in Mumbai. His father moved to the Middle-East when he was a child, so he was mostly raised by his mother. Ironically he found the theory behind his childhood guitar lessons so boring that he’d cycle around the block to avoid his tutor. His family owned an old school boombox – the only one in the neighbourhood – so the local kids would drop by to listen to the big American and British artists of the era. He subsequently learned to play just by observing them, and by his late teens had the technique to master virtuoso material by Joe Satriani.

D’Souza’s voice traverses a maelstrom of emotions. Here’s a singer who can convey it all – passion, yearning, love, loss and sorrow – and what’s more, he possesses the power and the purity to articulately express himself in songs which are immediately relatable.

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