Far more happens at the festival than just the music played on the main stages!

Festival workshops are great creative learning opportunities to both experiences and novice alike, as well as fun for onlookers.
Music Workshops
Each year our music workshops which range from fiddle, to bodhran and pipe workshops and these often involve musicians performing at the festival, last year we had our guest curator Jon Boden lead the fiddle workshop. 
Craft Workshops
There will be a variety of crafty workshops for festivalgoers to take part in if they are feeling creative while at the festival.
T’ai Chi and Healing Area
T’ai Chi and All things therapeutic are on offer near the beautiful and soul enriching area of the duck pond at Cherry Hinton and on Coldham’s Common. Activities will include yoga classes, DIY head shoulder massage and T’ai Chi.  


Full details of all of our workshops will be announced closer to the Festival.  


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