The Den

The Den provides a platform for up-and-coming artists and a space for younger audiences. The Den is the place to see the stars of tomorrow.  

Previous examples include Jake Bugg, Passenger, The Staves, Ward Thomas, Hudson Taylor, Moulettes & Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker

Thu 28 July Fri 29 Jul Sat 30 July Sun 31 July

Charlie Cunningham

Echo Town

Heg & The Wolf Chorus


Amythyst Kiah

Cardboard Fox

Mortal Tides

Nathan Ball

Nessi Gomes 


Reuben Hollebon

Sound of the Sirens


The Daydream Club

Dori Freeman

Hattie Whitehead

India Electric Co.

Jack Watts

Rachel Sermanni

The Eskies

The Nightjar

Tir Eolas

Velvet & Stone

Wildwood Kin

Anna & Elizabeth

Ceilidh Liberation Front

Ellie Rose Rusbridge

Foreign Affairs

Hannah Grace


Kate in the Kettle

Lizabett Russo

Rob Godfrey

SJ Mortimer

The Brothers Gillespie


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