Folkus on Food: Chip Chip Hooray

Monday 30 July 2018

We caught up with Pete Edwards, proprietor and purveyor of Chip Chip Hooray, creating some of the most delicious chips to be had on site!

How many years have you been at the Festival?This will be our second year catering at the Festival. However, it’s a festival that is very close to our hearts having been coming as customers for many, many years. 

What was the inspiration behind the company?When I created Chip Chip Hooray I was inspired by two things: my many trips to Holland & Belgium (my daughter is half Dutch) as well as a feeling of what is missing from the festivals in the UK; that is a hot snack which isn’t going to break the bank.  My aim was always to be able to feed a family of 4 at a festival for £16 and we’ve managed to achieve that.

What are your impressions of the Festival?The audiences at the Cambridge Folk Festival are simply the best! I can’t remember working at another event where the customers come over before they leave to say thank you! If you think about it we do spend 3-4 days & nights with them, get to know them and they get to know us too. We’re all looking forward to seeing some of them again this year. 

Do you get a chance to hear any music?We trade around 13-14 hours a day and we definitely hear the music as we're in the main arena. Unfortunately however we’re so busy we don’t get to see much of it... the audiences always tell us how good each act is though...

Can you share what makes your chips so good?We double cook our chips to make sure they’re crispy - nothing worse than a soggy chip especially if you’re adding sauces to them. 

And of course chips are a perfect choice for vegans!We try to balance our menu so it caters for everyone vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters… - we also have sweet, savoury and hot & cold sauces.


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