The "Musicians' festival"

Monday 18 January 2016

We agree that impromptu sessions are a really important part of the Cambridge experience and have been considering ways in which we can encourage more of these around the Festival site.

Cambridge has always had a great reputation for being a “musicians' festival" attracting some great players and after the stages finish is an ideal time for people to create their own music. Here are some of the ideas we’ve been discussing:

  • Being clearer that areas around the creche, playground, paddling pool and around the boundaries near to houses are designated as quieter areas
  • Briefing stewards on being more flexible on allowing late night playing so long as it’s not disturbing people
  • Letting people know that within Stage 2 is an area we are happy for people to play in and making this area more attractive and suitable eg moving benches inside the stage and looking at ambient lighting
  • Turning the folknet café into a late night café with sessions
  • Introducing some instrument makers and repairers to the festival and creating a small craft area near to The Flower Garden
  • Introducing a fire pit at each campsite
  • Encouraging acoustic sessions at Coldham’s Common after the marquee entertainment finishes
  • Reminding people about the opportunities to sign up and play in the Den
  • Improving the looks of the bars and making them more attractive for music playing
  • Making it clear to musicians that sessions are encouraged and valued. 

We’ve been considering a whole range and ideas and would welcome the thoughts of those of you who play and pick!

Please email: if you have any ideas on how we could improve the Cambridge Folk Festival 2016.

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