Young Folks visit Celtic Connections!

Friday 22 January 2016

This weekend Cambridge Folk Festival are bringing a small number of our previous Hub Band Project musicians to Celtic Connections for a couple of days of music making and concerts; an opportunity to further develop their musicianship. 

As part of this weekend we have organised a workshop run by John Somerville (Treacherous Orchestra) focusing on group playing for these musicians along with the ceilidh trail musicians from Fèis Rois (our previous collaborators). The Cambridge Hub Band musicians will be attending the Fèis Rois 30th anniversary concert on Saturday as well as having the opportunity to see other Celtic Connections concerts, meet other young musicians and join in music sessions around the city.

Well done Folks!

This project is made possible with generous funding from Creative Scotland.

Here's a video of some young musicans performing back in 2014 at our 50th Birthday! 

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