And the Sustainable Section Awards 2016 go to...

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Sustainable Vender Award goes to...

Jack's Gelato!

Jack’s Gelato won this year's award becasue he not only does he use local, own-grown produce (a lot of which is organic from his allotment – fantastic rhubarb sorbet!) but also because he transports his ice-cream with pedal power and no energy is required on site as he uses cool boxes.

See what Jack's Gelato are up to by following them on twitter

Sustainable Trader Award goes to...

Coppice Designs!

Obviously all their materials are natural but Coppice Designs also used no energy for their stall on site. All the timber they used across the weekend was from sustainable coppicing from a local wood which means that the wood is picked up from the woodland floor or coppiced, and the trees are managed in a sustainable manner to encourage growth and renewal. They also held workshops educating children on designing with wood.

Find out more about Coppiec Designs on their website

The Sustainable staff Section Award goes to...


The Art Department
for their amazing reuse + recycled creations


Special commendation Award goes to...

Artist Catering
for their excelent Fairtrade Promotion


Most Improved Award goes to...
The Press Office

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