Endellion String Quartet

Wednesday 28 October 2015
West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge
Haydn, Bartók and Beethoven

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Haydn Quartet in E flat Op.76 No.6 (‘Fantasia’)
Bartók Quartet No.3
Beethoven Quartet in B flat Op.130 with the
Grosse Fuge finale Op.133
We start the series with our ‘dream programme’: Haydn, Bartók
and Beethoven. In each part of his late quartet Haydn takes the
simplest of ideas and works magic. Bartók’s third quartet fits into
seventeen minutes an extraordinary range of moods, from great
beauty through to ferocity. Beethoven’s Op.130, with its original
final movement – the incredible, exhilarating and revolutionary
Grosse Fuge – stands out as a towering masterpiece.

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