Cambridge Live Tickets

  1. Wimpole History Festival - Sword School

    Learn how to fight like a medieval knight and test your skills at Wimpole’s very own sword school.
    Saturday 23 June 2018
  2. An Interview with Judy Murray at the Cambridge Union Society

    Judy Murray is a former Scottish international tennis player with 64 national titles to her name.
    Friday 11 May 2018
  3. An Interview with Clemantine Wamariya at the Cambridge Union Society

    Clemantine Wamariya is a member of the Board of Directors at Women for Women International.
    Friday 18 May 2018
  4. An Interview with David Christian at the Cambridge Union Society

    David Christian is the co-founder, with Bill Gates, of The Big History Project, which has built a syllabus on the history of the universe and is taught in schools across the world.
    Thursday 31 May 2018
  5. Headlining at 100 – Classicist Joyce Reynolds with Tessa Dunlop, author of The Century Girls.

    The Century Girls is the history of Britain told through the stories of six centenarian women, the youngest of whom is Joyce Reynolds Honorary Fellow of Newnham College.
    Sunday 29 April 2018