Cambridge Live Tickets

  1. Alex Wheatle: Cambrdge Literary Festival

    Straight Outta Crongton
    Saturday 22 April 2017
  2. 'Live in the Boudoir' Little Black Dress Duo and friends Cabaret Extravaganza

    Oozing glamour and dripping with diamante!
    Saturday 25 March 2017
  3. Richard Ford: Between Them

    Pulitzer-Prize winning American author Richard Ford makes his Cambridge Literary Festival debut appearance with his memoir Between Them.
    Tuesday 23 May 2017
  4. Harry Potter: Boy. Wizard. Hero: Cambridge Literary Festival

    Attention all Harry Potter fans.
    Sunday 23 April 2017
  5. Kipper and Wibbly Pig 21st Birthday Celebrations: Cambridge Literary Festival

    Down at the seaside, everyone is afraid of the awful sea Monster!
    Sunday 23 April 2017