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Cambridge Live Tickets is the go to ticketing agency for Cambridge and beyond selling tickets for the Corn Exchange, Folk Festival, West Road Concert Hall, Newmarket Racecourses and many more events and concerts.

  1. A Night at the Opera

    The Sampson Orchestra will return to the West Road Concert Hall for their annual concert to support Maggie’s Wallace.
    Saturday 18 June 2016
  2. Syd Barrett - A Celebration

    A celebration of the life and music of Syd Barrett, son of Cambridge. Featuring international guests Men on the Border with the Sandviken Symphony Orchestra and lights by Peter Wynne-Willson.
    Thursday 27 October 2016
  3. Robin Ince asks, why can't I be less wrong?

    Robin Ince tries to work out how he can be less wrong more often.
    Saturday 12 March 2016
  4. Ada.Ada.Ada

    A spellbinding interactive one woman show performed by Zoe Philpott about the world’s first computer programmer: Ada Lovelace.
    Saturday 12 March 2016
  5. Trembling Bells

    Trembling Bells bring Scottish Folk Rock to the Portland Arms, Cambridge.
    Monday 20 June 2016