Strange Bones

Thursday 8 February 2018
The Portland Arms
Strange Bones come from Blackpool, and Blackpool is Strange Bones.

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A town in Lancashire but a town not ‘part’ of Lancashire. This is a town of total political autonomy, fiercely independent of mind, body and spirit. Not ‘part’ of anything except itself. Strange Bones could come from nowhere else.

In 2014, now still only in their early 20’s, Bob and Will Bentham teamed up with lifelong friend Stuart Newburn and formed Strange Bones. Just mates, playing punk rock music together in this most independent of British towns.

First comes ‘Sick of it All’ (SOIA) a powerful slab of Blackpool Rock. But the music falls out of them: Marbles, Gods Girls, Dutch, God Save the Teen all towering melodies and deep riffs. Annie Mac plays the record, gigs start getting booked and Blackpool is on the road again.

Strange Bones are a three piece from Blackpool. Bobby Bentham, vocals and guitar. Will Bentham, vocals and bass guitar and Stuart Newburn, drums. They are putting loud music out again, it’s worth listening to because it has a purpose. Their mum and dad are proud of them.

With support from FALSE HEADS

"They (FALSE HEADS) are young and talented and going places... if they came to my town I'd show up for that, if they come to your town, you might wanna show up" - Iggy Pop.


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