Flint Moore

Flint Moore are a band from Downham Market, and are a mixture of alt-rock, grunge and folk.
Flint Moore originally started as a solo project by Francis. However, it didn’t truly get going until Noah (Drummer) asked if he could play alongside him. Francis laughed at him because he thought he was joking. They eventually had a few awkward practices together, and decided that Flint Moore should be a full band. With months of searching, Lawrence (Lead guitarist), Ryan (Pianist) and Maddy (Bassist) joined in the fray.
It’s been three years since then, and Flint Moore have been going from strength to strength. From winning the Cambridge Band Competition 2017 and Twisted Melon's Battle of the Bands 2017, to being featured on multiple radio stations (including BBC Introducing, Cambridge 105, Future Radio) and playing all over the country, their songs have stayed energetic, melodic and meaningful. Thanks to their philosophy of “play with, not at”, their live performances are so explosive and open you can’t help but feel swept up in the moment. They push for the best sound, and with the help of others, they strive to make Norfolk known for its rock sound all over the world.