Cambridge Live Tickets

  1. Atifete Jahjaga - Former President of Kosovo

    Atifete Jahjaga is a Kosovar politician who served as the third President of Kosove. Upon her elecetion in 2011, she became the first female president in Kosovo's history.
    Tuesday 13 November 2018
  2. Josh Littlejohn - Founder of "Social Bite"

    Josh Littlejohn is the founder of Social Bite, a social enterprise dedicated to helping end homelessness in Scotland.
    Wednesday 24 October 2018
  3. Brendan Cole: Show Man

    Brush off your tails, Brendan is back!
    Wednesday 6 March 2019
  4. The Future of Turkey - Panel Event

    Featuring Guney Yildiz and Suat Kinilioglu In collaboration with the Cambridge Middle East and North Africa Forum.
    Monday 15 October 2018
  5. Tommy Tiernan - Paddy Crazy Horse

    Back on the road again Tommy Tiernan has a new show, Paddy Crazy Horse.
    Tuesday 16 April 2019