Cambridge Live Tickets

  1. Tony Bradman - Anglo-Saxon Boy

    Join the young Anglo-Saxon Magnus, the son of the ruthlessly ambitious claimant to the throne of England, Harold Godwinson, as he finds himself at the centre of one of the most blood-soaked family feuds in history and the battle of 1066.
    Sunday 9 July 2017
  2. Tim Pye - Libraries of the National Trust

    The magnificent libraries of the National Trust rank alongside more celebrated collections in Cambridge, Oxford, London and beyond.
    Sunday 9 July 2017
  3. Royal Blood

    Live dates announced ahead of 'How Did We Get So Dark'
    Wednesday 17 May 2017
  4. Fens Falconry School - Wimpole Estate

    Calling all young falconers!
    Sunday 9 July 2017
  5. Sword School - Wimpole Estate

    Learn how to fight like a medieval knight and test your skills at Wimpole’s very own sword school.
    Saturday 8 July 2017