Wimpole History Festival: Sarah Churchwell - American Dream or Global Nightmare? The Creation of Trump's America

Sunday 24 June 2018
East Lawn Marquee - Wimpole Estate
Broadcaster, author, and cultural and political critic Sarah Churchwell takes us behind Trump’s posturing speeches to reveal how his ‘new American moment’ is in fact nearly a century old.

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‘America first’ and the ‘American dream’, phrases that resounded throughout his presidential campaign, have been around for a hundred years – and even in their infancy were already tangled around capitalism, democracy and race. What does it mean to put America first, and what exactly are Americans supposed to be dreaming of?
Churchwell’s searing and insightful account shows that the America of the last century has much to teach us about the true spirit of America today – and that we lose touch with history at our peril.
In conversation with David Reynolds, festival patron, Professor of International History and author of America, Empire of Liberty
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10:30 - 11:30